5 Tips To Sell Your Home Fast

Sell Your Property Fast

If you want to shorten the length of time your house is on the market take a look at these top tips you can start working on right away to help you sell your property in Javea fast, even in a slow market.

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First impressions are so important and simple things can help to make a long lasting first impression which potential buyers will then always associate with your house. For example paint your front door so it looks fresh and inviting. Kerb appeal is so important and you don’t get a second chance at it! Landscaping your garden, jet washing patios and putting up hanging plants to add colour are also things that can really help to improve that first impression. Make sure they are excited to see more.


An untidy house puts prospective buyers off so clean everything from skirting boards to inside and outside of your windows. Perhaps hire a company to do a deep clean and definitely make sure your home is clutter free. The minimalist approach when selling your home is one to go by. Clear away unnecessary items and even books and CDs you have on display. Also too much big furniture can make a house seem smaller and less can make it seem larger and calmer. Clearing kitchen work tops has the same affect…the space becomes larger when appliances are put away out of sight. Putting mirrors in the right places can give an illusion of space also. Get around to those annoying maintenance jobs such as long overdue lightbulb changes! Finally, a few vases of flowers around your home can freshen and brighten things up.


Make your home neutral territory. Definitely remove political and religious items and try to make the buyer envisage the house as a home for them. The best way to do this is to stick to neutral colour schemes with warm tones. They will then be able to envisage putting their own unique touches to your home to make it somewhere they could see themselves living. Make sure each room is shown off to highlight its purpose. For example if you have been using the dining room as a gym or an office return it to a dining room. Perhaps also put away any posters in children’s rooms to help them see your home as a blank canvas.


With regards to when you get viewings booked be flexible with timings and more people will view your property. Try to be as available as possible. Once those prospective buyers are in your home let them wander freely and ensure they feel comfortable but be available able after to answer any questions.


Finally, remember light and bright are two of the most commonly used words describing what buyers want from a prospective home so make sure those curtains and blinds are open and turn on lights in any rooms that are dark. Let that sunshine in!

5 Tips To Sell Your Home Fast Infographic