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Welcome to our selection of the best property for sale in Denia. From stylish, luxury villas to beach apartments and plots. We are happy to offer you a wide range of properties to browse through.

Dénia is an incredible town steeped in both history and picturesque scenery. Catering to the modern lifestyle as much as to the more traditionalist, the town is evolving to be one of the most popular on the Costa Blanca.

346,500 €

REF: BPLC158333

2 Bedroom Apartment in Denia

Denia, La Felicidad II

2 2 92m2 20m2
3,490,000 €

REF: FV9576

5 Bedroom in Denia


5 5 1916m2 4818m2
1,125,000 €

REF: 07909

9 Bedroom Villa in Dénia

Denia, Pdta. La Florida

9 4 554m2 2830m2
895,000 €

REF: FV2103

4 Bedroom in Denia


4 2 386m2 213m2
2,495,000 €

REF: 007777

6 Bedroom Equestrian Property in Jesus Pobre

Denia, Jesus Pobre

6 4 350m2 23000m2
3,500,000 €

REF: 7795

8 Bedroom Villa in Dénia


8 9 790m2 3000m2
485,000 €

REF: BPLC161782

3 Bedroom Apartment in Denia

Denia, Sueño de Denia IV

3 2 102m2
375,000 €

REF: 00198740

3 Bedroom Villa in Denia

Denia, Tossal Gross

3 3 180m2 157m2
895,000 €

REF: 007750

3 Bedroom Villa in Denia

Denia, Las Marinas

3 2 131m2 390m2
880,000 €

REF: 7743

5 Bedroom Villa in Denia

Denia, Montgo

5 3 400m2 1500m2
795,000 €

REF: 00187389

3 Bedroom Villa in Denia

Denia, Santa lucia

3 2 165m2 1167m2
2,950,000 €

REF: 7712

6 Bedroom Villa in Denia

Denia, Santa Lucia

6 5 960m2 6170m2
2,120,039 €

REF: BPLC159541

3 Bedroom Villa in Denia

Denia, Colina San Nicolas

3 4 382m2 839m2
255,000 €

REF: 00199331

2 Bedroom Apartment in Denia

Denia, almadrava

2 2 63m2
185,000 €

REF: 001113223

2 Bedroom Apartment in Denia

Denia, Centrum

2 2 103m2 20m2
537,000 €

REF: DI8536

3 Bedroom in Dénia


3 2 289m2
311,000 €

REF: 00147266

2 Bedroom Villa in Denia

Denia, Tossal Gross

2 2 180m2 157m2
415,000 €

REF: 001114351

4 Bedroom Villa in Denia

Denia, Deveses

4 2 203m2 566m2
510,000 €

REF: 00199341

3 Bedroom Apartment in Denia

Denia, Almadrava

3 2 98m2
255,000 €

REF: 001107142

Plot in Denia

Denia, Deveses

399,000 €

REF: 001107849

4 Bedroom Villa in Denia

Denia, La Pedrera

4 2 121m2 829m2
790,000 €

REF: 001105807

6 Bedroom Villa in Denia

Denia, La Pedrera

6 5 411m2 2700m2
585,000 €

REF: 00195858

Finca in Denia

Denia, Sport center

431,000 €

REF: 071182

3 Bedroom Semi Detached Villa in Denia

Denia, Tossal Gross

3 2 119m2 157m2

Why Buy Property In Dénia?

Dénia is a wonderfully cosmopolitan town on the Eastern coast of Spain. It is the capital of the “comarca” of the Marina Alta, a well known tourist destination and home to both historical monuments and some of the best restaurants in the region.

Dénia offers an incredible population diversity. Residents from a variety of countries enjoy the contrast between the busy town and relaxing beach-front and country locations. The property for sale in Dénia is also as varied as the population. Luxury villas adorn the coastline side by side with old fisherman’s houses (a nod to the towns rich heritage) and beach apartments. This offers an incredible opportunity to either develop your own dream home or move straight into a newly developed beach-front villa.

Where is Dénia?

Dénia is a large town an hour to the south of the city of Valencia. It sit on the Northern side of the Montgó Massif mountain and on the Mediterranean coast. Inhabitants have been documented to live in the area since prehistoric times. It is thought that the ideal climate in the local area was a big draw to the original settlers and it continues to attract tourists and new residents.

Dénia is a very Spanish town. It has not been as influenced by an influx of expats as other towns have in recent years. It offers a large range of shops, resturants and ameneties to locals.

The major areas of the town include:

  • Las Marinas
  • The Montgó
  • Centro Urbano (Town Centre)
  • Les Bassetes – El Marjal
  • El Palmar – Los Molinos
  • La Pedrera
  • Devesses
  • El Puerto
  • Las Rotas

All of these areas offer their own unique characteristics when buying property. This makes Dénia an attractive prospect to a variety of different potential buyers looking to purchase property in the area.

Travel And Transport

Dénia is easily accessible from both major airports in the region. Both Alicante and Valencia airport are connected to the town via motorways and the town lies roughly the same one hour distance from both airports.

Other routes to the town include by ferry into the port. The connection to the Balearic islands is a very popular route, particularly in the Summer months. By car, access over the Montgó mountain is a particularly stunning approach with panoramic views and breathtaking countryside.

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