What it’s like in Javea to live all year around? – Summer Edition

In this 4-part blog, we’re giving you a little personal insight into our Costa Blanca lifestyle!


It is 8am on a Tuesday morning as wrap my towel around me. I just finished my morning swim to the buoy. As the day has only started, a few people are on the beach doing the same. A group of older people, a young guy that just finished his morning work-out and two people I can’t define, as I can only see their snorkel sticking up from the water.

The summers in Jávea are warm and busy, and I have adjusted my daily routine accordingly. During these months I wake up earlier than normally would, making sure I get as many things done as possible before the sun stops me from any physical movement. Before moving here I never understood the Spanish lifestyle with their siestas, now I’ve surrendered to it (and love it). The mornings and evenings are the perfect moments to get things done, the afternoons should simply be spent taking naps in the sun and eating tapas. Jávea is completely filled with tourists from all countries as well as the Spanish that live more inland. Every day there is something to do, and every terrace, beach and bit of water (pool, sea) looks inviting. It is the season of beach parties, long nights, morning swims and barbecues at the pool. It’s the season where you don’t have to think about what to do, you simply get involved in all Jávea has to offer.