What it’s like in Javea to live all year around? – Spring Edition

In this 4-part blog, we’re giving you a little personal insight into our Costa Blanca lifestyle!


I am looking at my closet, wondering what to wear. The beginning of spring always leads to ‘in the sun it’s too hot but in the shade it’s too cold’ kind of moments. Often you will find the locals in jeans and sweaters, while –for example- the British and Dutch are already in their summer outfit directing their face towards the sun, which they probably haven’t seen in months. Today one of my favourite places opens again after a few months of being closed. I’m going with a group of friends and we’re excited. Bars that we’ve missed for a while are opening after their winter break, and the markets are starting to appear again. The days are getting longer and the sun is getting warmer. Coffees on the terrace are starting to be replaced for cocktails on the beach. It’s that perfect time of the year where everyone is just a little happier (although we have nothing to complain about during winter). May and June are simply beautiful; lively but not too crowded, warm, but not too hot.  By the time July pops up everyone is ready for what’s next; summertime!