What it’s like in Javea to live all year around? – Autumn Edition

In this 4-part blog, we’re giving you a little personal insight into our Costa Blanca lifestyle!


It is the 8th of September and I’m watching the famous fireworks in the port. We are celebrating something called Mare de Deu de Loreto, but this day can also be seen as the unofficial ending of the summer season. 

This weekend many people will leave, and we will slowly slide into autumn. Although there are still some outside-of-the-season-holiday people, the big crowd is gone. The locals, often working in the tourism sector, can finally breathe again after a busy summer. Suddenly you can find parking, and your favourite spot in your favourite restaurant (you know, the one with sea view) does not need to be reserved anymore. 

The temperatures are still amazing, and actually even more comfortable than during summer. In Spain, this season is a welcome change after a summer full of parties and heat. Especially September and October are beautiful and there is still a lot to do! With some local parties, less crowding, amazing weather this season is definitely enjoyable. The vibe in town is nice and relaxing. Autumn is like the Sunday afternoon after a busy weekend; meant for recovering and enjoying.