What is it like to live in Denia?

When looking at property for sale in Denia we are often asked, “what is Denia like to live in?”. Here is what we like to say to anyone thinking of buying in Denia.

Denia is a truly brilliant place to live. Living as an expat in the town and surrounding areas has charm and authenticity that is sometimes lost in the towns to the South of the Montgo.

An hour south down the coast from the city of Valencia, Denia is the capital of the Marina Alta area and sits on the Northern side of the Montgo mountain. Whether you are an expat or local to the area Denia is a larger town that caters to both those wanting to live a quiet life by the beach and to be a part of town with life and vibrancy.


A lot of Mediterranean beach towns have jumped at the opportunity to be tourist destinations for the millions of yearly visitors to the Costa Blanca. Denia has preserved its identity in a way that makes it feel more authentically Spanish. The culture of the town is ingrained in the society and residents, there is no escaping the very Valencian traditions. From architecture to cuisine and festivals the way of life has been preserved for all to embrace.


Denia is a town that does not stop. Whereas many of the coastal towns seem to nearly shutdown when the tourists vacate the area, Denia is a hub of both business and living. It has a thriving community where locals can enjoy live music, restaurants and the best of Spanish restaurants all year round. The winter season is amongst the best to really explore the area and to take part in many activities dominated by the tourists during the Summer months.

Culture and Gastronomy

Denia is a town steeped in history. The castle still stands overlooking the sea and the two Marinas are an indicator of how the town first began to thrive as a fishing village. Most recently however Denia has become known for its exquisite restaurants. Designated by UNESCO as a Creative City of Gastronomy is no easy task and it is one that Denia has embraced by launching Gastronomy festivals and championing the elite culinary heritage.

Traditional recipes that have been handed down through the generations are being revisited and more than preserved they are being savoured by the many that visit the town to enjoy a dining experience unlike any other. Mediterranean flavours meet high-end elegance and the unison is incredible. Several of the restaurant concepts are so popular that you would need to book months in advance. The highlight of all the restaurants is the revered 3-starred Michelin restaurant of Quique Dacosta.

Quality of Life

Denia offers a Mediterranean style of living that is becoming so sought after in modern times. Good food, warm sunshine and a sea breeze are what soothes the soul. Unlike many other coastal towns in the South of Spain though, Denia is an extremely affordable town to live in and enjoy to the fullest. As in all things you could spend a fortune enjoying the lifestyle to its fullest but it is not necessary to live a fulfilled life in Denia. Housing costs, supermarkets, utilities, visiting the shops and dining out all come at a reasonable and very attainable price.


It is the Spanish way to embrace community. Families see each other regularly and friends might as well be family. Eating together is the principal way in which friends and families socialise. Do not underestimate the importance of sitting down for a meal together with friends in Denia. The local community are friendly on the whole and it is common to say “hello” to strangers in the street on a daily basis.

Beyond the local Spanish community, the expats are also welcoming and have setup a support network of events and community clubs to integrate the diverse group of nationalities that enjoy calling this Spanish town, home.

Denia is a town that truly offers something for everyone and every time we visit we are still finding new sections of beach or new restaurants to visit. We have lived locally for over 25 years and travelling to Denia is still an experience to savour. A dream place to start your new life on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.