Lets go to Valencia!

At times we just need step out of our routine and reset our minds. Luckily, Jávea is not only surrounded by amazing nature, but also by some great cities. The most popular city in the area is without a doubt Valencia, which is not only one of the most beautiful cities of Spain, but also hitting the top 10 of Europe. You reach Valencia within an hour, perfect for a day or weekend trip.

My friends and I have just checked in in a low-budget hotel located on a quiet street in the older part of the city. After dropping our bags we start hunting for a nice little restaurant to grab some food. As we stroll through the atmospheric little streets we hear music and laughter. We curiously look around us to see where all this sound is coming from. A friendly looking man with long hair and a bit of an artistic look sees us and explains. Apparently, there is an art exhibition going on in one of the buildings behind us, which to me looks like some kind of old palace. We make our way to the entrance and spend the rest of our night looking at art and sipping wine at a stunning location. This is Valencia in a nutshell; art and beauty can be found on any given night in the most unexpected places.  

The next morning we are planning some touristic sightseeing. Valencia is known for its amazing culture and architecture. So first we make our way to the City of Arts and Sciencesone of Europe’s most impressive art and science centres, dedicated to cultural and scientific exhibitions. After we admire some modern delights we make our way to the city centre where we find the beautiful Catedral de Valencia, which is known for its unique architecture; a mix of RomanesqueValencian GothicRenaissanceBaroqueand Neoclassical styles.
I could go on about all the popular places to visit and see, but those you can easily find online at for example this website. Truth is that what makes Valencia so amazing are the little places that you actually can’t find online. It’s what you cross in between the art museum and the cathedral. It’s the colourful wall in the side street, the small museum no one has heard of and the boutiques with their hand-made items. Valencia is affordable, rich in culture, full of art, beauty and surprises. It’s the perfect city for a night out, a day of shopping or a weekend of inspiration and culture.

As a citizen of Jávea you will probably start to enjoy the city more and more over time, as you become a regular visitor. You’ll skip the main attractions and discover your own favourite bars, spots and to-do’s. Want to know where to start? This website will show you some of Valencia’s best Boutique Hotels And for all the upcoming events click here.